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Do You Ever Wonder?...With Your Host Mike Haltman

Michael Haltman

Do you ever wonder about 'stuff'? Things that you hear about, read about or watch something about, that makes you ask the question...How did that happen, how is that done, why does that work, etc?For example: - How does a 60-story building in Manhattan stand without falling over?- What is it that makes a wildly successful entrepreneur tick?- What drives a woman to start a 501(c)(3) with a mission to prevent death by suicide in the American military veteran community?- Or, how is a real estate empire built? Welcome to ‘Do You Ever Wonder?’ with your Host Mike Haltman, CEO of Hallmark Abstract Service. This is the podcast that will answer our listeners questions about many of the things in our lives we've always wanted to know more about but, may not have had the expert to ask! Our guests who are experts in their chosen fields, will enlighten us about subjects ranging from real estate, entrepreneurship, career, science, philanthropy and of course issues we all face in life!Presented by Hallmark Abstract Service and hosted by CEO Mike Haltman, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride on our information superhighway.