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Do You Ever Wonder About Moral Injury, PTSD And Military Veteran Death By Suicide?

March 16, 2022 Judy Elias/Steven Bucci, PhD Season 1 Episode 9
Do You Ever Wonder...The Hallmark Abstract Service Podcast
Do You Ever Wonder About Moral Injury, PTSD And Military Veteran Death By Suicide?
Show Notes

Combat Veterans, Moral Injury and Death By Suicide

This show, with two special guests, explores the fact that in trying to help our American heroes who honorably served and now need help, the federal government offers no faith-based programs as a path towards healing.

This despite the fact that the tragic statistic of 20+ military veterans dying by suicide each and every day, has not changed over time.

In fact, over the past 10-years the Department of Defense and the VA have conducted 1,100 programs (none faith-based) that were working with PTSD and veteran death by suicide and the numbers have not changed.

At the same time 501(c)(3)'s that do utilize spirituality and reconnection to faith in their missions, have been overwhelmingly successful in saving lives!

Two Experts On Faith and Saving Lives!

Today's show features two experts on the subject of the utilization of spirituality and reconnection to faith as the methodology for saving veterans from death by suicide.

Heroes To Heroes Foundation's Judy Elias:  Judy is the Founder of the nondenominational 501(c)(3) Heroes To Heroes Foundation. The Heroes To Heroes mission helps combat vets who return home suffering with moral injury, and it utilizes peer support, spirituality and reconnection to faith achieved through 12-member Team journeys to Israel. On this journey, these men and women find the strength to open up and begin the process of healing. To-date over 300 have come through the program, and all are with us beginning to live their lives again.

Dr. Steven P. Bucci, Visiting Fellow The Heritage Foundation: He spent 30-years as a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and then as a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation focused on cybersecurity, military special operations, and defense support to civil authorities. He authored the article 'What Faith-Based Efforts Can Do To Help Prevent Veteran Suicide' in which he quoted New York Times author David Brooks who said that 'trauma is a moral and spiritual issue as much as a psychological or chemical one'. A panel that he chaired echoed the fact that military veteran death by suicide is currently a tragedy with a trajectory that is not going down.

So if the federal government won't utilize faith in its 'solutions' regardless of efficacy, then it will be up to NGO's to pick-up the slack.

These two guests will share with us what they know through the results that have have witnessed and experienced first-hand.

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