Do You Ever Wonder?...With Your Host Mike Haltman

Do You Ever Wonder...Put Your Home On The Blockchain!

July 20, 2022 Michael Haltman/James Rogers Season 1 Episode 19
Do You Ever Wonder?...With Your Host Mike Haltman
Do You Ever Wonder...Put Your Home On The Blockchain!
Show Notes
Claiming Your Home and Your Homes Information Using NFT's and the Blockchain!

In this episode of Do You Ever Wonder we speak with James Rogers, CEO of Blockchain Home Registry (BHR).

James Rogers speaks of BHR's technology, vision, ambitions and the potential for his firm to become the first-in to the market leader for homeowners who have the desire to store and protect data. And, for companies who serve homeowners (i.e. utilities) to benefit from the process as well.

If you would like to learn more and potentially 'Claim Your Home', visit Blockchain Home Registry here:

In essence the goal of BHR is to use 'collaborative Web3 protocol putting the world’s real estate data on-chain.'

As a summary of what the BHR platform will allow users to achieve and access...

- A permanent, transferable, historical
record of your home (like CARFAX® for your house)
- Monetizing data that you add to your home's
record on your terms
- Learning more about your home as organizations
add unique data to it using the BHR protocol
- Lifetime access to the BHR platform,
community, and rewards

While there is little doubt that the blockchain can have many significant uses and benefits for a wide variety of businesses and industries, the question is whether, at least in the near to medium term, areas such as homeownership and even the storing of home ownership records will be disrupted.

Title insurance has long been mentioned as a potential beneficiary of the blockchain, but in areas of the country such as New York we view that as many years off.

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